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Updated: Nov 13, 2020

We may be closed but that won't stop us from sweating together! There are now 2 ways to catch a class with your Studio B punch pass or unlimited pass.

#1 LIVE - Join your instructor and other team members LIVE from your living room (or anywhere!) by signing up on Mindbody. (See more detailed instructions below.) Classes are on ZOOM. (Don't worry: Our settings are secure - no risk of zoombombs.) TURN YOUR VIDEO ON so that we can see you, interact, and offer corrections and modifications. Please note that turning your camera on is optional, no pressure, but we miss you in our studio and would love to see your lovely faces and give you an encouraging shout-out during class. We will send you an email an hour before the class starts. Sign on early to chat, show off your four-legged family members and/or kids or inform your instructor of any modifications you may require. Join the chat, stay connected!

To join from a mobile device: Download the ZOOM CLOUD MEETING App.

On your laptop or computer: Just click the link to join.

#2 RECORDED Class - Sweat, sculpt, shake when it suits your schedule! LIVE classes are recorded and posted so you can access them anytime.

WHAT YOU SHOULD KNOW: Most classes use weights and a mat. Soup cans, water bottles, wine bottles can be used in place of weights. Check our Instagram for additional props that may be used in some classes, but keep in mind you don't need them to get a good workout. We recommend a chair, counter top, railing or something that offers you support for barre work.


1. From - Click LIVE classes on our homepage, or click on the schedule to see all upcoming times. Click BOOK.

2. From the MindBody APP - Find and add Studio B YEG (4211 106 Street) WHITEMUD CROSSING as a favourite. Click schedule and BOOK.

An email will be sent to confirm your sign up, check your junk filters. 1 hour before the class starts you will get an email with the meeting link. You will not be allowed to join the meeting until the instructor starts the class approx 15 mins early. If you do NOT get the email 60 mins before the start of class (check your junk folders), check your email 15-30 mins before the start of class, we will send the link again - just in case you missed it.


Recorded classes can only be accessed through our website or the desktop MindBody Site. There is NO access from the MindBody App.

1. From - Click Recorded classes on our homepage.

2. On an iPhone or iPad - CLOSE the option to go to the MindBody app - go to MindBody desktop page. You can NOT access the classes from the app.

3. From the MindBody Desktop page, select the Recordings tab

4. If you have a membership or passes on your account, click the link of the class you want.

5. If you do NOT have passes, or the links are not available to select, CLICK ONLINE STORE tab to purchase passes. Complete sale and return to RECORDINGS TAB.

6. ALLOW POP UPS: If you click a link and nothing happens go into your settings and allow pop ups, try again. Check out our RECORDINGS highlight on Instagram for a how-to video.

7. BLUE links will use up 1 punch pass, RED links have a pass applied and can be viewed multiple times. If you have an unlimited pass you can select an unlimited amount of classes to view.


New to Studio B YEG? Get a two week unlimited pass for $40 + GST for all the LIVE & ON DEMAND classes you want.

Have a question? Need some help? email

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