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SOAR Bounce Fitness is an elastically leveraged low-impact, yet high-energy, workout that is performed on a rebounder. Rebounding harnesses gravity to create a full body workout that blends cardio, strength, endurance and balance all into a single bounce. The elasticity and shock absorption of the rebounder bungee system creates a workout that is gentle on the joints while providing a great new way to sweat!

SOAR classes are 50 minutes of high-intensity low impact movements set to a sound track that will make you want to bounce. 

The bellicon harnesses gravity and makes it work for you.  With each bounce you go from 2 to 4 times normal gravitation to zero gravity and back again, engaging your body on every level. The unique design maximizes the benefits of every lift off while minimizing the stress of re-entry, so that every landing is gentle. Knowing that a deeper bounce engages muscles longer, giving them a better workout, the bellicon® bungees stretch 2.5 to 2.8 times their original size, which is why the frames are almost twice the height (14 inches) of other mini-trampolines: giving you room for a deep, smooth bellicon® bounce.  The smoother the bounce, the less impact and stress on joints. Typical spring rebounders have a harsher bounce cycle that puts more impact on joints.


There are so many benefits to bouncing on a Bellicon

  • Uses every single muscle in the body with every single bounce

  • Strengthens the core

  • Lymphatic flush

  • Build and maintain bone density

  • Improves cardiovascular ability

  • Low-impact on the joints

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