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  • Which class is best for my first visit?
    For barre we recommend starting with B-Barre 60 or B-Barre 45 to introduce you to all aspects of barre, with all of the other formats building on these as foundations. For SOAR we recommend either of our class types; however, our Soar Bounce BURN is lower in cardiovascular intensity for those who may prefer that. For the perfect introduction into both B Fusion or B Fusion 50 will allow you to experience soar on our trampolines, while maintaining that barre burn.
  • What should I wear?
    We require grip socks in all of our classes, with the entire bottom of the foot (sole & heel) covered. Grip socks can be open toe or closed toe. Otherwise dress in your most comfortable activewear that will allow you to move in class
  • What should I bring?
    Bring your water bottle and grip socks (if you have them) – we provide everything else!
  • I haven’t worked out in a long time/I have injuries/I am out of shape, will I be able to do your classes?"
    We all start somewhere! Every class is modifyable, and all modifications will be given by your instructors throughout class. We encourage everyone to try their hardest in class, but to be safe and listen to their body. If your body is telling you to slow down or to take a rest and shake it out, then we highly advise that you do so, but also to keep moving because class will be over before you know it!
  • Can I do barre/soar while pregnant?
    Pregnancy is very dependant on the person, so as long as the movement still feels okay to your body when you are doing it then it is fine to continue, as long as your doctor has given you permission to exercise during your pregnancy. For barre we advise that you let either the front desk staff or your instructor know that you are expecting, so that they can provide modifications for you in class for certain movements. Due to the intensity of our soar classes we do not recommend taking them during pregnancy.
  • Do the trampolines have a weight limit?
    Trampolines have a maximum weight of 265lbs.
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Studio Etiquette

We love you! All our amazing clients are what makes our studio so great.

Here are some quick tips to ensure you get the most out of your experience.

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