Cell Phones

We ask that you please leave cellphones in your car or lockers. If you must have your cell phone with you, please speak to the instructor and ensure that it is on silent.

Talking in Class

Please try to avoid chatting or talking over the instructor – But remember, asking questions is always welcomed!

Be on Time

We get it, it happens … if you are going to be a little late for class, be sure to give the studio a call so that we don’t give your spot away. Once you get into class, join into the warm up. For barre, grab your weights once we start that arms section of class and find an open spot at the barre when arms is finished.

Don’t Forget to Check In

To ensure that you are not marked absent from the class be sure to initial by your name when you arrive at the studio.

Spacing in the Barre Studio

When setting your spot at the barre please set yourselves one per bracket – In classes at or near capacity instructors may pre-space the class by setting out balls prior to the start of class. Also, be mindful of spacing when doing work in the centre of the room

No Scents in the Studio

Please refrain from wearing perfume or strong smelling products in the studio.

Grip Socks are Required

Please make sure you bring grip socks for all Barre/Soar classes. Grip socks must cover the entire bottom of the foot, ball and heel and have grips covering the bottom of the sock. If you do not have grip socks you can borrow or buy a pair at either studio.

Lost or Forgotten Items

All lost items are placed in the lost and found at either studio and donated at the end of each month. If you are unable to find the lost and found at either studio please as your instructor or the front desk staff to show you.

studio b yeg stripes
Studio Etiquette

We love you! All our amazing clients are what makes our studio so great.

Here are some quick tips to ensure you get the most out of your experience.