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Instructor Spotlight: Lisa

Meet Lisa, one of our newest additions to the Studio B family! If you've taken one of her classes you can appreciate her positive and encouraging spirit and the creativity she puts in to each barre series series. Learn all about her below!

How did you get introduced to barre?

A co-worker went to a practice class for a barretender-in-training and she knew I would love it. I went to the next class and I’ve been hooked ever since.

Why do you barre so hard?

Barre is the only workout I have found since quitting dance that keeps me coming back. I am never stiff or sore to the point I can’t move post workout, barre has the good muscle fatigue that everyone knows to love and hate! Maybe barre is what my body loves and that’s what keeps me coming back 😊

What keeps you motivated and inspired?

Participating in class. Each instructor has a different take on teaching, cueing and choreography. Taking class reminds me about moves that I haven’t taught for a while or just a different way to cue a series that I find challenging. I use other workout styles (yoga and spin) for music and movement choreography inspiration.

Favourite barre series?

Glutes/hamstrings anything to get that booty burning.

What is the best “side effect” you have noticed from doing barre?

That “feel good” high after finishing class. As someone that carries lots of tension in my shoulders and hips I find doing barre relieves the tightness and stiffness.

What do you love about being an instructor?

That “oh yes” reaction that clients have when they push themselves to the next level.

What other exercise(s) or fitness routines do you participate in?

Pilates, Yoga and Spin.

What is your occupation?

Registered nurse in critical care.

Favourite guilty pleasure?


Favourite book?

The Girl You Left Behind – Jojo Moyes

Favourite movie?

Princess Bride and the Lion King (the original)

Favourite place you’ve traveled to?

Too many to choose.......Italy, Greece, Galapagos Islands, Australia, New Zealand.

Favourite quote?

"Be yourself. Everyone else is taken." -Oscar Wilde

Top 3 favourite places in Edmonton?

Rosso Pizzeria

River Valley - End of the World

Whyte ave

Tell us something we don’t know about you.

I applied to the university nursing program as a back up plan.

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