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Instructor Spotlight: Christy

Christy has been an instructor at Studio B for 3 years and if you've been fortunate enough to take one of her classes know how intentional they are; the time and effort she puts into planning and delivering a well-thought-out and purposeful class while encouraging her students every step of the way is incredible! Get to know this spunky mother of 3 below!

How did you get introduced to barre?

I can with a group of friends just to try a class one evening. That was almost 5 years ago! I simply fell in love with everything about it and never looked back!

Why do you barre so hard? What do you love about B Fusion?

When I started to coming to barre, it was kinda an escape from my three kids in the evenings (yup I said it!). Really quickly though, I noticed changes in how much stronger I started to get, I was more toned, and I had more energy so I could keep up with my kids when playing with them. Now as my kids are older, I try to set an example for them about how important daily physical activity is not just for the body, but the mind as well.

What keeps you motivated and inspired?

The clients I meet every day, the instructors, and my kids!

Favourite barre series? Favourite B Fusion series?

Favourite B Fusion series... I have a really fun hamstring series with the little loop bands. You will have to come to my class to experience it first hand ;)

What is the best “side effect” you have noticed from doing barre?

I’m also going to be completely real and honest here for a moment. When I started coming to barre, I couldn’t do a single jumping jack without peeing myself. It was the reality. I have had three kids, and my core/pelvic floor was very weak. It was a long process, and a lot of work, but jumping jacks, and bouncing on the rebounder in fusion, aren’t a problem for me anymore. So yeah for small victories!

What do you love about being an instructor?

First and foremost the people! The people that show up every day to work hard, that I get to connect with. Secondly, I love challenging my creativity! I have so much fun planning something unique for my classes, to really challenge them physically and mentally.

What other exercise(s) or fitness routines do you participate in?

Spin, boxing, yoga, very rarely running...I need to move and do something daily.

What is your occupation?

I’m a portrait photographer. I specialize in newborn, family and boudoir portraits, and work from home. I absolutely love what I do!

Favourite guilty pleasure?

Red wine and mini eggs.

Do you have a favourite book?

My long-time favourites are always the Harry Potter series. Recently though I read and loved The Nightengale by Kristin Hannah.

Favourite movie?

Oh that is a tough one! I’m going to go with Love Actually, since I watch it over and over and have yet to get tired of it.

Favourite place you’ve traveled to?

London, England. My oldest daughter and I went there together this past summer and we had so much fun it was simply incredible!

Favourite quote?

“Own it, do it, done.” - I think it was one of the company mottos from when I worked in retail years ago, and it just is how I get I approach things in life.

Top 3 favourite places in Edmonton?

1. Edmonton Valley Zoo - Since my kids were babies we’ve have had annual passes. It has always been a favourite place to go spend an afternoon.

2. Any restaurant that serves good brunch!

3. Southwest Edmonton Farmers Market.

Tell us something we don’t know about you.

Being a photographer was never part of the plan. I always wanted to be a doctor. Through university, and even when my kids were younger, that was the goal. But one turn after another, I ended up here and I’ve been a photographer for going on 11 years now, and could not imagine doing anything else, I simply love it so much!

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