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Instructor Spotlight: Kate

If you've taken one of Kate's extremely fun and creative barre classes you know that this feisty and spunky instructor delivers the burn (and then some!) Get to know more about one of our newest instructors below!

How did you get introduced to barre?

I was getting ready with a friend one day, and while stealing clothes from her sister’s closet I found a pair of toe socks. I was really excited about this because they reminded me of when I used to dance so I asked why she had them. I found out she had been going to (and loving) barre classes. I tried it out the next week and was instantly hooked!

Why do you barre so hard?

Barre really helps my focus and helps me re-center. I have come to rely on taking the time for myself, both physically and mentally, to keep the rest of my life on track.

What keeps you motivated and inspired?

Being part of such a supportive, strong and encouraging community makes me always feel welcome and inspired to push myself (and my classes) to the next level.

Favourite barre series?

It is so hard to choose, it really depends on my mood!! But I love working my hamstrings and getting that glute burn, so probably butt buster with a ball is my favourite.

What is the best “side effect” you have noticed from doing barre?

The best side effect of barre has to be the community! It is such a different group than I am use to being around, and I feel very grateful for all the connections I have made.

What do you love about being an instructor?

I love to see people pushing themselves to get better and stronger week to week. Everyone is so focused and motivated to work hard I find it really inspiring. I also love that people have to listen to me (and my bad jokes) for a whole hour!

What other exercise(s) or fitness routines do you participate in?

Just barre, I am too obsessed.

What is your occupation?

I am an MSc student in Mechanical Engineering! I am working on a project to better understand the ligament that holds your tooth in place!

Favourite guilty pleasure?

I LOVE Greys Anatomy, I am always watching and re-watching the first 8 seasons.

Favourite book?

I have recently gotten into audiobooks and discovered Harry Potter! I know I am really late to the game but I hadn’t read the books or seen all the movies until last year. I have now listened to all of the books twice.

Favourite movie?

My favourite movies is Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants, it never gets old.

Favourite place you’ve traveled to?

I love to travel! My most recent favourite place is Greece. I always wanted to go (refer to favourite movie lol) and I finally made it there last year! It was so beautiful! I went to three islands: Santorini, Paros and Naxos. Paros was definitely my favourite. My long time favourite though has to be London, I always feel so at home when I am there.

Favourite quote?

"All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them" -Walt Disney

Top 3 favourite places in Edmonton?

Common theme because they are all food places around Whyte Avenue but my three favourite spots in Edmonton are:

- Transend Coffee Shop

- Meat

- Farrow

Tell us something we don’t know about you.

I was SO obsessed with the Spice Girls growing up that when I was 12 my mom took my to a Spice Girls concert in Las Vegas…. probably the best day of my life!

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