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Studio Style: Leg Warmers

History has a tendency to repeat itself and leg warmers are no exception! We have noticed them popping up in a number of athletic clothing retailers… and we must admit, we are BIG fans! In studio we carry a few different styles of leg warmers: thigh and knee high warmers in various colors, created by the brand ToeSox. Knee highs have a cable knit pattern reaching to 22 inches in length. Thigh highs have a ribbed knit pattern and reach to 40 inches in length. Both are style designed to scrunch and be worn to your preference.

We also just recently stocked our shelves with stir-up styled, open heel leg warmers. Complete the ballerina look and still get full security from the grips on your ToeSox. These warmers are a thinner, thigh-high variation making them even more adaptable from studio to street style!

Initially designed for dancers to keep their legs and ankles warm and limber during class, leg warmers are a functional accessory that serves their purpose in dance related activities, such as barre. Leg warmers increase and retain body heat produced during a work out to ready muscles for peak performance. They also serve to warm and protect ankle joints while working any exercise done in releve (or up on your toes). For this reason, they are a PERFECT addition to your studio style! Channel your inner ballerina and pair them with matching bella or low-rise grip socks over top of leggings and voila, you’re set! For those chillier winter mornings, slip on a pair of scrunch knees, pull them up all the way, and then layer your leg warmers on top. Remember that they can easily be slipped off once things start heating up at the barre.

No need to ditch the leg warmers after class because this 80’s trend is back in action and transform into the cutest winter accessories when matched with boots. Black knee-highs can be worn over top of a pair of ankle boot and skinny’s for a casual and comfy style. If thigh highs are more your thing, wear them underneath tall boots and pulled up a little past the rim of the boots for an adorable peek-a-boo look. When the temp starts to rise we also love pairing leg warmers over top of flats or tucked into combat boots with a skirt, dress or shorts!  

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