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Studio B Hall of Fame: Genevieve

Meet Genevieve! This barre star has completed over 200 classes in less than 10 months. Her dedication to her health and well-being inspires all of us at the studio and we love having her in our classes. Read on to learn more about her!

How did you get introduced to Studio B?

My sister introduced me to the studio. I was looking for a fitness program that would fit my timetable and skill level, and still be challenging.

Why do you barre so hard?

I have learned first hand that physical health and mental health are closely connected, and in order to care for the whole self, I need to be dedicated. I set a goal and I walk toward it, one step at a time.

How has barre impacted you?

Barre has given me a sense of self. It allows me to grow and to challenge my body at my own personal level. I am stronger in many ways.

What keeps you motivated and coming back to Studio B?

Coming to barre each day is a way of life for me now, something I’m committed to. I do have days that make me want to hide away under a blanket on the couch. When I’m struggling and I feel tired or discouraged by those negative voices that play on our psyches, especially as women, I just encourage myself to follow through, knowing after a barre class I always feel better stronger and happier.

Favourite barre exercise or series?

There are so many exercises that I like. The ones that hurt the most seem to be the ones I like the most. Ab work always challenges me, as my abs are a weaker area for me having birthed seven children. Arm and butt exercises I think are two of my favourites. As Claire humorously puts it, “our peaches always need a little extra toning.”

Other than barre, what other types of exercising or activities do you do?

I am an avid golfer from spring through to fall. My husband and I walk the courses we play, which is about five miles for a round of 18. I play a minimum of one round a week. During summer break I play three to four times a week. I also belong to a women’s healthy active living evening (whale) class. We meet once a week to participate in an unknown activity. We have played everything from pickle ball, curling, sledge hockey, laser tag, and cross country skiing to Gaelic football, orienteering, Norwegian sledding, and wall climbing. It’s always an adventure.

Tell us something we don’t know about you.

I have twelve grandchildren and I volunteer ever year with Shakespeare in the Park.

I’ve traveled internationally, to Honduras, Seychelles, Australia, England, and China.

I used to raise goats.

Favourite way to treat yourself?

I spoil myself by getting my nails done. I love to cuddle with my dog, Boo. He saved my life a couple years ago by bringing meaning back into my life when I was struggling.

Favourite movie and book of all time?

Movie - Because of Winn Dixie

Book - Fox by Margaret Wild - a picture book; it’s timeless.

Favourite place to eat in Edmonton?

At home in my own kitchen. After raising a large family on a single income I have learned to stretch a dollar, not to waste nor want, and to cook wholesome food that satisfies my cravings for nutritious meals .

Favourite local spot?

The Winspear. Yes, The Francis Winspear Centre of Edmonton is my favourite place over anywhere I have been. I am so proud of our city for having this magnificent space for people to enjoy. And I am looking forward to the changes happening at the Winspear over the next few years, changes that will allow families from more marginalized communities to enjoy the venue.

What is your favourite quote?

"Run; If you can't run, walk; if you can't walk, crawl; if you can't crawl, drag yourself."

(African tribal saying.)

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