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Practicing Self-Care: An Interview With Kate

Updated: Nov 2, 2020

Kate has been a part of our Studio B community right from the beginning when we opened our doors in 2013. We love having her (and her inspiring energy) in our classes in-studio and now online during our ZOOM workouts! A busy mom to 3 year old Emery and five month-old twins Lennon and Ramsay, we talked to Kate about carrying twins, giving birth right before the pandemic, mom guilt, why self-care is so important and how she practices it.

What was your pregnancy like?

This pregnancy was so different [from my first]. I had a double dose of hormones, relaxin…everything was times two! I had every symptom in the book before 4 weeks, which made sense when we found out it was twins. Also, because it was twins there were more doctor appointments, more concerns for early labour and everything was taken very seriously. I was advised to head to the hospital several times for evaluations.

Did you exercise during your pregnancy?

I did for as long as I could. I stopped because of doctor’s orders around 23 weeks. It was difficult to breath and I often felt dizzy, especially in spin class. Although I was sad to not be at barre and the gym, I knew I had to listen to my body and the OB to ensure we kept them “baking” as long as possible!

What was your delivery like? What was it like giving birth during a pandemic?

The delivery was a lot calmer this time. I had a planned c-section, instead of an emergency one like I did last time. In my first delivery I had active labour for over 68 hours so my body and mind were exhausted. This time everyone was more relaxed. I was able to stay with my husband and babies through the whole process. When I returned home from the hospital, we had a few days to visit family and then the world shut down. It was very emotional. Going through hormonal changes, no sleep, limited help, and feeling uncertain about everything. All my follow-up doctors appointments were cancelled and I couldn’t see my friends. To be honest it sucked. That being said it was nice to hibernate at home and not have people coming by every day. I think most of all I missed my toddler being at daycare! LOL.

How has the recovery process been?

Recovery has gone surprisingly well! A lot of the weight came off quite quick and my water retention didn’t last as long. I took time to rest as best I could and reminded myself that the c-section pain wouldn’t last forever. I had to come to terms that my house wouldn’t be spotless and to just sit with my feet up!

How has it been exercising postnatal? When did you start back up?

I started working out at 6 weeks post op. I was so thankful that Studio B had live home workouts. It helped me feel human again. It also fit my new busy schedule perfectly. Being a busy mom with twin babies, it's been essential for me. I can workout from home but have the energy from the instructors and others taking the class. There is 0 time for commuting and I don’t have to fuss with makeup, clean clothes or brushing my hair lol. I can get in an effective workout quickly.

How did you get introduced to Studio B?

I tried out a class on a two-week trial during the first couple months the studio opened at Whitemud Crossing. I had heard about barre in the past but never saw anything like it in the city. Myself and my girlfriends from work thought it would be fun to try out one night and I instantly became hooked! I went into class thinking I would excel because I had a dance background, but my legs were shaking right away! I knew I wanted to test out all the classes and instructors so I promised myself I would return. It was so challenging but also like nothing else. It lifted my booty and my hamstrings got more toned very quickly.

What do you love about barre and Studio B?

I love everything! The instructors, the music, the challenging moves, and how every class is different from the last. It works all those little muscles we often forget about. And nothing feels better than your muscles literally shaking!

Favourite barre exercise or series and why?

I love the classics: booty buster, plies, and clam shell series. Working my glutes is a must!

Besides barre, what other types of exercise do you do?

I go to spin a couple times a week. Its my favorite kind of cardio. I also love doing weight training at the gym and taking the kids on long walks around the neighborhood. Pushing a stroller of 3 kids is tough!

How do you find time to exercise with a 3 year old and newborn twins at home?!

To be blunt I have to make time. It’s a commitment from not only me, but my whole family. Losing the excess weight, getting my strength and stamina back is important for not just me, but my kids. I want to be around for a very long time! And have the energy to chase the three of them. My husband and parents support me in getting out of the house to workout. And when I can’t get out, I have my Studio B classes throughout the week while the kids nap. Moms have to remind themselves that they are just as important as their kids and getting physical activity is healthy for the body and mind.

How do you balance taking care of three young children at home and self-care?

It’s super tough! Mom guilt is a real thing! But if I want to be a “good” mom, I have to keep MY cup full too. That means working out, seeing friends when I can, sneaking out for a coffee to sit in a parking lot alone, and splurging on skincare when my budget permits. I want to teach my kids that although I am “Mommy”, I am Kate first. And there is so much that makes up who I am as a person.

Ramsay, Emery and Lennon

Tell us something we don’t know about you.

My passion is running my non-profit The Free Bird Project with my sister-in-law. Sadly, a few years ago we lost our brother when he went missing in a plane crash. Since then we have dedicated ourselves to helping other families of missing people. I also love working on my beauty blog, Product Addict Kate. I review everything and anything lol.

How do you spend your free time?

Drinking a lot of wine 😊, reading, and sitting around our fire with my friends.

I am also constantly trying out new beauty treatments.

Favourite way to treat yourself?

Good wine and good food! I also love a good spa day (90 min massage, hello?!)

Favourite book?

Oh man that is tough. I found Three Women really interesting. And I couldn’t stop smiling while reading Ross Mathews' book Name Drop.

Favourite movie?

The Labyrinth and Wizard of Oz.

Favourite local restaurant?

El Cortez, 19 and Bodega. It's not a restaurant, but Sushi by Vinh is probably the best food to hit my mouth. He comes to your house and prepares amazing dishes!

Favourite online shopping destination?

My husband will hate this but...Sephora lol. It’s not my favorite but I also frequent Buy Buy Baby lol.

Favourite quote?

"This too shall pass." I remind myself this anytime I am upset. Nothing in this life is permanent. Situations, feelings, people. Everything is constantly changing.

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