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Rise & Shine: The Benefits of Early Morning Barre

Rise and grind barre babes!

I think that every woman at some point has made a futile attempt at becoming a  “morning person.” Morning productivity sounds great in theory and online articles suggest that it is an easy habit to develop, but in reality … that morning motivation quickly falls short as you reach for the snooze button for the 5th time, well maybe we will try again tomorrow.

Online articles make it sound so simple: open the curtains to wake up to natural sunlight, set positive intentions for the day, move your alarm clock out of arms reach. Easy enough, right? WRONG. Granted some people do genuinely love mornings, some people really thrive in the morning after that double shot of espresso, but still, a lot of people are walking zombies until at least lunchtime. Today on the blog, we are sharing ONE single motivation that drives us to hop out of bed in the morning, bust out the positive attitude and slay the day regardless of which     “morning person” category you fall into.

Here is how we think about it … mornings are the PRIME TIME to get your workout in. Multiple studies have proven that those who exercise in the am have a huge advantage. Here is why:

● Your hormones are flowing just right – In the morning, crucial hormones that compliment exercise are are naturally circulating at their peak. By exercising while they are at their high, you are taking full advantage of their muscle-building/ fat-burning effects. These hormones deplete throughout the day, so jump on it!

● Your mood will be elevated for the rest of your day – You know that barre high that has you dancing all the way out of the studio doors, those are endorphins. Endorphins are chemicals that interact with receptors in the brain to contribute to an energetic mood boost! Get your endorphins flowing first thing in the morning and you will be glowing all day long!

● Your metabolism will receive a quick boost – Exercising is proven to boost your metabolism, so by getting it on first thing in the morning, you will burn more calories throughout the day!

We know that by recognizing the benefits of an early morning sweat sesh, we may not convert you all to A.M. fitness junkies, however, hopefully you are able to find a bit more morning motivation to throw on a pot of coffee, grab the grip socks and head to the barre to a 6am-er! Remember, you don’t need to be a morning person to take advantage of the early hours … all you have to do is show up. We will meet you @ the barre early birds!

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