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Barre Favs: Around the World

As much as we love our city (and we are NOT complaining about this beautiful weather, you've done good YEG), who isn't in need of a vaykay? Your barre instructors certainly are! This week we asked them if they were to escape anywhere in the world for a week, where would they jet off to? Take a read where you might find them on their next adventure! 

"If I could be anywhere in the world I would be travelling the UK in the 90's with the Spice Girls. #PumpkinSpice." - Katharine

"I'd be a groupie following Katharine on tour. Just kidding ... If I could be anywhere at this very moment, I'd be eating tacos and climbing mountains and visiting family/friends in Arizona. I've been missing my second home a lot recently!" - Katarina

"Hawaii or Mexico- just give me the beach! I’m off to Bali in February so I’m excited to get my beach fix as I explore new destinations!" - Jessica

"I would love to be in Australia visiting one of my favourite people. To be someplace warm and being around friends sounds like a pretty convincing reason to hop of a plane in the middle of winter." - Erin

"I've been traveling so much for work these last few years that all I want to be is home for a little while. But a trip to Maui wouldn't hurt!" - Lindsey

"I would be in California, surfing! Well... learning to surf!" - Michelle 

"I would love to be in the Philippines or Brazil. I have never been to either and they are on my list for upcoming travels! Not to mention they are likely a fair bit warmer than Edmonton right now." - Jaime

"If I could be anywhere in the world right now it would be on a beach with a great book, cool beverage and the sound of the waves crashing on the shore." - Erika

"If I could be anywhere right now - it would be any where warm, with a beach! Like Hawaii!" - Sarah

"Oh my goodness this is my favourite question, if I could be anywhere in the world right now I would definitely pick Tanzania, the Serengeti is next on my to do list. But I also wouldn't turn down a week in North Shore, Oahu." - Charlotte

"Anywhere warm and sunny, so I am going to say Hawaii! Driving up the coastline, eating pineapple and spotting turtles surfing on the waves is my idea of a perfect winter." - Kristin

"Definitely somewhere sunny and warm! I've never been to South America and since the southern hemisphere is heading into their summer months right now, I could be easily convinced to make a trip down there. Alternatively, my parents are heading to Spain (without me)... That would be ok too!" - Kyra

"I would at a night market somewhere Asia eating all of the food!" - Julia

"Anywhere where I could be living 24 hours a day with my bathing suit on, hair up in a bun and barefoot. But if I had to choose I'd have to say Australia! We have friends that live there and all their "snaps" of surfing and patio parties are making me jealous! I also tried surfing on our honeymoon in Hawaii so I wouldn’t mind trying to surf the Gold Coast right about meow ; )" - Jill 

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