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Barre Favs: Advice to a Future #BarreAddict

Trying something new can be intimidating, everyone knows that, but we also know that you have to start somewhere! Take comfort in the fact that everyone was a beginner at some point and all it takes is one FIRST class. So we turned to your barretenders and asked them to think about their very first class and all of the things that they have learnt since. They are offering up their best advice for any first-timers ready to rock the barre at their first class! 

"Keep coming back to barre! Classes won’t get easier, but you will learn how to push yourself even more and get that burn a little bit deeper. Your personal strength will grow and you will feel yourself getting stronger and being able to do things you weren’t able to before. Those “aha moments” when you can finally feel a movement where the instructor says you should feel it are the best!" -Kristin

"My advice to all first time barrestars would be do come in with an open mind, smile and never give up - you are stronger than you know!" - Erika 

"Stick with it! It should never be easy but you'll be amazed at how you can see yourself evolve the longer you do it." - Kyra

"My advice would be to relax and have fun. If you've never taken barre before it is bound to be a bit awkward at first, but after those first few classes you will be more comfortable with the movements and can then focus in on your technique (ie: making those muscles burn!). Also, don't be shy to ask questions! The barre tenders are there to help you get the most out of your workout so be sure to let them know if you were unsure about a certain position or movement." - Jaime 

"My advice for a first time barrebabe or barredude is smile and laugh through that sweet sweet burn. Barre is a newer and healthier work out, a great challenge for physical, mental and emotional well being. Keep coming back, keep smiling through pulse and each hold. You will learn to LOVE it." - Kirsten 

"Get ready to sweat, shake and feel those muscles burn like never before to the beat of some ammmaaazing jams & remember we all had our own first time at the barre! The instructor will tell you everything you need to be doing with your body throughout the class so keep your ears open and don’t be afraid to ask questions after class if you were unfamiliar with any of the movements or terminology. Your first class will challenge you in ways you may have never been challenged before so don’t get discouraged if you don’t catch on the first time. Smile, have fun & don’t forget that the challenge will be worth it!" - Michelle

"Here is the best advice that I can give you for your first class: laugh (literally out loud is usually best) at yourself. I guess another way that I could put this is don't take it so seriously! Some people get super intimidated in any fitness-related environment but that is a stigma that we are work SO hard to end. Just remember that every single one of us was a beginner at some point, we have all felt awkward (some more than others ... me), " - Katarina  

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