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Working Out From Home: An Interview With Bonny & Roger

Bonny and Roger are no strangers to Studio B and our live Zoom classes. Bonny has been a part of our Studio B community since 2018 and now Roger is an adored member as well, thanks to his wife! Married for 17 years with two kids: Isabelle, 16 and Xavier, 12, they have been working out with us from the comfort of their home since March, when COVID shutdowns began. Find out more about this hilarious couple and what they love about exercising together, below!

How did you get introduced to Studio B?

Bonny: My niece strong-armed me into trying out different studios one summer so she would have a workout buddy to drive her to the different places. I was pretty hooked after one barre class, but it was the Soar class that sealed the deal.

Roger: My first experience at Studio B began when Bonny told me about the special event where she could bring her spouse to workout for free. At that time, I was following a strength and cardio program from Athlean-X and felt well prepared for anything Studio B could throw at me. I had my mind/muscle connection fine-tuned and improved my cardio. How difficult could a "girl’s” workout be? Besides I had the support of other unknown spouses and I felt comfortable I would be a shining star! Damn, that class focused on stabilizer muscles that left me shaking and sweating like it was my first time back at the gym. All the muscle-building work I had completed was for major muscles and I quickly realized my stabilizer muscles were weak like a newborn baby!!

Why do you barre and bounce?

Bonny: I do barre because it constantly amazes me how such minuscule movements makes me sore for days. I do SOAR classes because they're just so much fun and super challenging! Due to past ankle injuries, I’ve been searching for low impact/high-intensity. full body cardio workouts for a few years. It’s been 2 years with Soar and I’m certain my ankle is stronger than before all the injuries!

Roger: Barre?? When Bonny asked me to try barre class I thought we were going to workout at a pub!! Barre class is crazy difficult on the legs and I have never had my legs shake so much. After a few months of classes I am proud to announce my squatting and lunging are as stable as the supports in the Eiffel Tower! Barre class should be for anyone looking to improve their squatting performance! Bounce, that is another story. My first bounce class was a success in my books and I now realize my bar for success was set to the level of a grasshopper’s knees! My attempts at bouncing as high as I could resulted in only one fall off the rebounder with the shriek of the lady behind me to alert everyone to my failed landing. I did get great height! I still think someone moved the rebounder from underneath me, but I have no proof.

What made you sign up for our live classes on ZOOM and our ON-DEMAND classes when the studio shut down temporarily in March?

Bonny: I didn’t realize just how much I depended on workouts to relieve daily stresses until we shut down in March. It was only 3 days before Studio B swiveled and went digital – but those were the longest three days of my life! To see everyone sign on virtually gave me a sense of normalcy again – I am so grateful to the Studio B family and all the efforts to support us through these crazy times.

What do you like about working out from home?

Bonny: I love the convenience of working out at home. It’s fantastic that I can stay in shape and be motivated by phenomenal coaches without having to spend time driving across town! Sometimes I can actually sneak a workout into the middle of the workday and still get onto a teleconference meeting right afterwards (no video of course).

What do you love about working out with your partner?

Bonny: He keeps me motivated and holds me a bit more accountable to tuning into the workout. It’s also sometimes comical to watch him attempt any barre move.

Roger: Like Bonny said I wanted to support her and her at-home exercises. From my experiences of working out I know the power of working out with a partner brings to commitment, motivation, accountability and performance gauging. I did not realize how much improvement I had in my stabilizer muscles, core muscles and leg muscles until I went boxing and realized the Studio B workouts had increased my punching power by a factor of 10. Punching power for boxing comes from the core and legs. Arms follow what the core and legs direct them to do.

What don’t you like about working out with your partner?

Bonny: He makes quite a bit of noise when putting in all the effort to focus in on whatever muscle group we’re working on that day. It makes me thankful we are always on mute during class.

Roger: Bonny doesn’t fully appreciate my grunting and panting.

How has continuing to workout during the pandemic impacted you and Roger?

Bonny: It’s been our biggest stress reliever throughout this entire time. And I would say it’s given us something to look forward to doing together. We’ve never worked out together before so this is definitely a new habit.

Roger: I find it fortunate that working out is one of the things the pandemic has made us do together. I always had my guy workout routine and Bonny had her girl workout routine and never should the two routines meet, until the pandemic! Ego is the divider for most people. I would definitely say working out together has brought us closer together. We don’t coach each other and instead discuss what was challenging and what could be more challenging.

Favourite barre exercise or series and why?

Bonny: I love doing chair. I don’t know why – it’s quite punishing to the body but I do miss hanging off a barre silently cursing whoever put me there.

Favourite part of a SOAR class?

Bonny: I love it all! Soar is by far my most favorite workout of all time. It’s always fun trying to master a new mind-twisting combination the instructors created, or trying valiantly to keep up with some of the Sprint paces, and digging deep when a new burner or an extra “SURPRISE!” sprint is placed into the workout. It makes the cool down all that much sweeter.

Other than barre and SOAR, what other types of exercising or activities do you and Roger do?

Bonny: Since the pandemic, we’ve been doing a lot of other exercises together including strength training and boxing. I also love to go to spin class, hiking in the mountains and many moons ago, swam competitively. Roger has yet to join me at a spin class and his form of hiking is walking up the stairs to the fridge.

Tell us something we don’t know about the both of you!

Bonny: Ummmmm… I have no musical or dancing abilities at all. But I think they get exponentially better after I have a few drinks.

Roger: I bought my first Harley-Davidson motorcycle in 2011 because I took a personality test and the test said I had the perfect personality to ride a motorcycle. I got my motorcycle license in 2012 and began my riding journey! I love riding!! The deal with Bonny was I could get a motorcycle and she doubled my life insurance.

Favourite way to treat yourselves?

Bonny: Massage. I book a massage monthly and never miss an appointment.

Roger: Ice cream, any type any flavor. 99 cent Frosty at Wendy’s is my go to for the summer.

Favourite movie and book of all time?

Bonny: I don’t really have a favourite movie but my favourite book is: The Five People You Meet in Heaven by Mitch Albom.

Roger: Gone with the Wind is my favorite book and my favorite movie is easy: The Sound of Music. Every Christmas the kids and I sing all the songs while the movie is playing. The kids don’t know any better since we have been watching the movie since they were born.

Favourite local spot in Edmonton?

Bonny: I grew up in the north end around Castledowns Beaumaris Lake. That’s my quiet, grounding spot.

Roger: I am originally from Calgary and don’t really go out much since the kids were born. No real favorite local spot except for my own home.

Do you have a favourite quote you’d like to share?

Bonny: Would quoting [Instructor] Michelle be okay? “If you’re not sweating, try harder!”

Roger: My quote is a little cheesy. I want to put some context and explanation to my quote before sharing it so it will make more sense. Before Bonny and I had children we took a parenting course together and I have always remembered this quote. “What are you raising? You are raising adults!”

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