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What is Isometric Exercise?

If you have been to class, you probably recognize Isometric Exercise as, "... and hold."

Isometric Exercise occurs when the joint angle and muscle length don't change. Basically, hold, don't move and feel the burn! At Barre Body Studio we have developed our classes around the principles of isometric exercise.

Isometrics and "pulses" allow the muscles of our body to contract to their deepest point. Research has shown that because of the reduced blood flow during prolonged muscle tension, numerous growth factors remain in the muscle tissue longer and actually stimulate muscle growth. When you work in isometric motions you not only blast calories but also build strength. By focusing on "teeny-tiny movements," you rev up those smaller muscles, (which act to support the larger muscle groups).

At Barre Body Studio we pulse and hold because it works to exhaust and engage both the accessory muscles as well as the larger muscles. We credit the "Pulse and Hold" for the barre results we love. You know: defining that long, lean and more toned look.

Oh, and the shaking? Well, that's your larger muscles being pushed to their limits! The shake is where change happens; the smaller muscles kick in to help the larger muscles balance. So the next time you hear "... and hold," know that you are sculpting a stronger, leaner you!

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