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Surviving the Holidays: 101

Hello holidays! The month of December brings an endless array of opportunities to overindulge. From the staff Christmas parties to the holiday baking, December most definitely puts our health and fitness goals to the test. And while this month seems to be the busiest of them all, keeping up with your Barre Body schedule is crucial for staying on track. Alongside that, we have assembled a few tactics to help you stay strong though this season of temptation!  

Plan Ahead - Look ahead and schedule out when your Christmas parties are planned for. By having a clear idea of which days you plan to indulge, you can make other health-conscious decisions on the days leading up to and following those.

Find Balance At The Barre - We are all about cleansing you from those naughty sins. Scheduling time to get in a workout at least three times a week will not only clear the holiday chaos currently residing in your head, but it will also have you feeling great. PS. extra points to those of you that show up the morning after your Christmas parties! ;)

Don’t Do It Alone - Find a barre bestie or anyone else for that matter, with similar health goals to your own and endure the holiday season with them by your side. It is always motivating to have someone holding you accountable to your exercise schedule.

Eat With Intention - We mean it when we say, take no shame in eating that pecan pie with dinner! If you mindfully plan when to indulge and when not to, you are far less likely to overeat. Plus… treat yourself once and a damn while, you deserve it!

Redirect Your Focus - The holiday season is more than just eating and drinking (although, its up there as one of our favs). Redirect your focus unto the company that you will share and the love, gratitude and great conversations that typically accompanies this time of year.

Hydration is Key - Water, water, and more water! Drink a big glass in between alcoholic beverages or before a big meal. Our bodies often confuse thirst for hunger and this always seems to make us overestimate how hungry we actually are. While we know, 8 glasses of wine with dinner feels like a walk in the park, somehow 8 glasses of water is not quite as easy.

Be A Healthy Host - Having people over to your place for holiday festivities? Don’t torture yourself! Make health conscious delicious as to what you are serving up. Little things, like setting out a veggie tray or cutting down the sugar, makes a big difference ... Your guests will thank you too.

Last but not least, Enjoy Yourself - The holidays are a wonderful time of year that are all about sharing joy! Don’t let strict diets get in the way of that. Don’t be too hard on your self and just remember that moderation is key! We are wishing you the happiest of holiday seasons!

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