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Studio Style: Grip Socks

Barre just wouldn’t be the same without our favorite, little grip socks. We know they’re cute and yes, we do need a pair in every color but have you ever wondered WHY we use them? The muscles in our feet can actually be weakened from being squished in those tight pumps all day. Working out in socks allows the foot freedom to spread, move, and strengthen! The grips are crucial to get maximal benefit out of your barre exercises. Try doing chair while your feet slip out from underneath you, no thanks! Socks also warm the soles of the feet to assist in muscle activation in those love-to-hate barre movements. Have you ever wondered why we use socks rather than running shoes? Well, rather than relying heavily on the arch support built into our favorite pair of trainers, the BBS method requires mental consideration to be drawn to those arches during class. Eventually over time, our feet actually get stronger from this. Barre isn’t just for those glutes and hamstrings, when we say full body workout… we mean FULL body.

So what’s the difference between the Plies and the Bellas? Or the Shashis and the Low Rise? Now that we have established the purpose of grip socks, we’ve also broken down all the different styles that we carry in studio. Check these out:  Now all you have to do is pick your favorite color. ;)  

Toe Sox Toe sox creates their products to mimic the natural design of the foot, space for all 10 toes allows you to spread them. This helps strengthen the feet, increase blood circulation and align mistreated toes. Aside from socks,the company also designs and manufactures sandals and workout gloves. The styles we carry at BBS include Bellas, Low-Rise, Scrunch Knee High, and Plié.


Bella’s are everybody’s favorite, Mary-Jane style sock. With the tops of the foot exposed and the low heel cuff, your feet can breathe in these ones! Bella’s are made either half toe (with the toes open) for a more barefoot experience or full toe (with the toes covered) for best non-slip grip.    

Low Rise

Low rise socks come with the tops of the foot covered and a higher heel lip to reduce slipping off of the back of the foot (this is why we love wearing them in our runners!) Low rise are made with an arch support band to gently lift and support the middle of the foot. Like the bellas, Low Rise is available in either half toe or full toe.  

Scrunch Knee High

Wear them high or scrunch them down! Not only can we rock these high socks with boots they are also perfect on those chilly, winter days in the studio .... stylish from studio to street! With the tops of the foot covered much like the Low Rise style, these socks reach to about knee height.  


Plies take on the same shape as the Bella’s with a very special feature! A perfectly positioned leather pad provides extra support and cushion for the metatarsal during barre work done with the heels pulled up. We also highly recommend this style for those of you that love our BBS Blast classes. Plies provide extra support during those high-impact cardio series.  


Shashi designs socks to fit feet perfectly, no twisting here! If you are not a fan of the toe separation, than these are the socks for you! Shashi’s are also made with the same non-slip grip on the bottom to get the most out of your barre burn. CLASSIC socks have a mesh panel to cover the foot while still allowing the feet to breathe when things get sweaty. STAR sock are the same design as the CLASSIC but with the shiny sequins on the top. Who does like a little glitter? Studio to street tip, STAR socks pair perfectly with open top flats or heels to add some shine!

PS. Not sure which foot is which? The ‘Running Dog’ logo should always be on the outside of the ankle.

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