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Studio B Hall of Fame: Beverly

Beverly has been a client of ours for 6 years and has completed almost 700 classes at our studios! A fan of both barre and SOAR, she always walks through our doors with a contagious smile on her face, positive energy and a readiness to work hard. It's no surprise we love having Beverly in class. Get to know her more below!

How did you get introduced to Studio B?

One of the partners at the company I work for mentioned she was trying out this new barre class. I was intrigued and decided to take a class and I’ve loved it ever since!

Why do you barre so hard? And what makes you want to SOAR?

It has become a part of my routine to a point that if I’m not able make a class my day just doesn’t feel complete. Barre just made feel stronger the more I went. At one point I was thinking it would be great if I could go to one studio for strengthening (ie. barre) and a more intense cardio workout and then came SOAR! For me both classes really compliment each other and provide a well-rounded workout.

How has doing barre and SOAR impacted you?

It continually makes me feel stronger. I find it has really helped build the technique and basis for other types of workouts in terms of stamina and form. I’m more aware of and intentional with my movements.

What keeps you motivated and coming back to Studio B?

It’s just as much for the ‘mental workout’ as it is for the physical benefits. I think of the studio and I think about all the different major milestones (good and bad) in my life from the past six-ish years. And regardless of what has been going on barre has always remained a constant. I tell people it’s my version of therapy! You have to be really aware of your body with this type of workout so my mind shuts off from the outside world and I just focus on the movements and listen to my body. I also grew up dancing so I found the workouts to be reminiscent of technique and strengthening exercises. And last but not least the people! Having been going to the studio for so long I’ve witnessed this really great community of females (and males) being formed. If you get to talk to others at the studio you get a really great cross section (different ages, backgrounds, careers etc.) of Edmonton’s top-notch female community!

Favourite part about SOAR?

The cardio workout. You can never get too comfortable with this type of workout. And if you do, you know it’s time to get lower or move faster!

Favourite barre exercise or series?

Any exercise using any of the bands. It is guaranteed to burn but you feel the strength building!

Other than barre and SOAR, what other types of exercising or activities do you do?

Barre and SOAR are my constant workouts but I also like to sprinkle in HIIT, row, boxing and spin classes. Bike rides and hikes are also a favourite in the summer. And any excuse to dance I’m all in!

Tell us something we don’t know about you.

I love to travel. I had the opportunity to go on an exchange when I was in university and one of the best parts was getting to know people from different parts of the world. Some of the best conversations I’ve had have been with people I’ve met at a hostel, on a train or in one of my classes. It can be a lot of “work” but I try to make travelling a priority!

Favourite way to treat yourself?

Food! Especially exploring the city’s local food scene.

Favourite place to eat in Edmonton?

The Marc – Local, consistent and a great atmosphere.

Favourite local boutique?

Habitat and Shop Chop for one of a kind gifts.

Favourite movie and book of all time?

I always find these types of questions difficult so I’m going to go with the first things that pop into my head. Movie would be Roman Holiday (love a good black and white film or Tuner Classic movie). As for books I’m really into business books, autobiographies and memoirs. I’m always fascinated by other peoples’ experiences.

What is your favourite quote?

“You never know who needs you, good energy is contagious.”

This especially sums up my experience with the studio. It doesn’t matter what kind of day I’ve had. When I’m in class I can’t help but feel good and re-energized (minus the sore glutes.) Some days it goes beyond the workout and you’re there for the energy from the instructor and others in the class!

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