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Redefining 'Barre Body': Instructors

The Barre Body is about strength, not just physically but mentally as well. It’s the strength to hold on when the instructor says last set, even when we all know the instructor is lying; there are lots more sets coming. It’s the strength that we draw from to keep pushing ourselves that little bit more every class. The barre body is not about looking a certain way it’s about how strong we feel after we complete a series. Our bodies may not be designed to “look a certain way” but everyone can be strong!" – Elissa

"Strength as in the obvious connotation, my muscles are definitely stronger! But I also feel that the physical strength that allows me to push through those last few seconds of plank, has translated into mental strength as well. On days I feel really burnt out and tired I am able to push through in a more positive and productive way. It's an attitude shift that I attribute to my time spent at barre, and although not necessarily visible, it is a part of my "barre body" that I am proud of. As far as versatility, I have found that the type of exercises we do in barre classes have allowed my body to do SO many physical feats with ease that were not so easy previously. Practicing barre has improved my stamina and speed in running, allows me lift heavy items more easily (and with proper form), and has even improved my posture while doing mundane things like sitting at a desk or driving. I am less sore/exhausted when I partake in activities that aren't part of my normal routine, like snowboarding and hiking. Basically my barre body is up for anything, which is a very liberating thing :)" – Jamie

"To me a barre body is one that is not only strong physically but is also strong mentally. It is a body that is self-aware, continuously adapting and always striving to be the best it can be. It's a body that is confident and purposeful; it knows what it wants and is willing to work for it both in and out of the studio. It encourages, uplifts and believes in itself and others. It's a body that wakes up early or stays up late to invest in itself, push itself, sweat, shake and burn - and reminds itself that it can always go a little, teeny, tiny bit deeper!" – Michelle

"To me, a ‘barre body' is a ‘Yes I Can Body’, involving an elevation in both physical and mental capacities. It’s about evolving and improving functionality in all aspects of our lives. Yes, there are physical aspects, such as gaining better posture. But a ‘barre body' has an even larger effect—adding on a head held high, and a ready mind. " – Kendra

"A barre body for me is more mental than physical. Taking the time for me to focus on my health by exercising provides me with a clear head that allows me to take on whatever challenge is thrown at me that day. My barre body is what gives me the strength, endurance and energy to keep up with my busy little toddler." - Mary Jo

"My barre body is a mindset of striving to be the best person I can be. From setting achievable goals to accomplish, surrounding myself with positivity and letting go of the things that cause negativity, guilt or shame makes it possible for me to see the beauty within." - Erin

"Society puts so much pressure on us from a young age to be beautiful: no stretch marks, no cellulite, flawless skin, no imperfections. We look at these magazines of women on the covers who are air brushed to society’s definition of "perfection" and feel trapped by trying to achieve this look. I feel that as a woman in this century, I am obligated to step forward and take a stand against this opinion and recognize that women of all shapes and sizes are beautiful. Simply put, "beauty shines from within." Since I became involved in barre and participated in classes, I feel stronger, powerful, attractive, and more confident. At the end of a class I leave feeling more fulfilled, more positive, content with myself and my progress, and I think that this internal change, progression and satisfaction shines outwardly. Barre body is about finding the glow, being comfortable in your own body, challenging yourself to new heights and leaving that class shining. I am truly honored to be a part of this experience for the women in our community, and I hope we can push out this age old opinion of the "perfect female figure" and realize we are all beautiful and we all shine." - Kirsten

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