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Redefining 'Barre Body': Community

Today we are continuing on our mission to refine 'barre body.' We have turned to the community at our studio and asked them to share their inspiration going into this challenge. We have asked a few of our long-time barre stars what exactly a 'barre body' means to them and how it has evolved throughout their barre fitness journey. Read on to see what they have to say.

"I’ve been doing barre for 1.5 years and my body, soul, and mind have never felt better or more connected.  I credit the barre community for encouraging me to find my strength and own it. My barre-mind has convinced my body that it can do anything and I see this confidence in all corners of my life.  My barre body is strong, happy and healthy...and a little bit sassy ;)" - Heather

"I've been thinking about what a 'barre body' means to me and a couple words keep coming to mind. For me having a barre body means having a strong and capable body. Having a barre body surpasses just being fit in class, I feel energized and and am able to physically keep during my day." -Michelle

"To me, a barre a body is one that is stronger, fitter, and happier. It’s not having to ask your husband to lift or carry heavy things so much! It’s doing more physical activities and enjoying them without getting tired. Having more energy. Pushing yourself to go further and harder. All of which I have personally experienced and I gotta say - it feels awesome!" -Rebekah

"A 'barre body' to me is feeling strong, healthy, energized, and confident in my everyday. My barre body let's me go longer on the mountains when I'm snowboarding because I'm stronger. My barre body gives me boosts of energy at a long day at work (especially when I know I'm off to class after!).  And my barre body gives me confidence because I feel good about myself and I'm working out for me!" -Katie

"A "barre body" represents a commitment to health and wellness from the inside out.  It just happens - You get stronger and leaner, your posture improves, you have more energy for the day, you sleep better at night, you want to eat better to fuel your transforming body, you just want to keep on barring!" - Melanie

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