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Instructor Spotlight: Nykala

Nykala is one of our newest SOAR instructors, having started teaching last November and we're so happy she decided to join the B Team! If you've taken Nykala's class before you know she always delivers a high-energy, fun, challenging and sweaty workout with great music. Continue reading to get to know more about her!

How did you get introduced to SOAR?

I started attending Barre classes in 2016 and loved them, and when the studio introduced SOAR it just looked like so much fun, I knew I had to try it.

Why do you SOAR?

I SOAR because it’s never boring, and it keeps me in great shape! I love how accomplished I feel after taking and teaching class.

What keeps you motivated and inspired?

Working out in any capacity keeps my mind healthy, which is what keeps me motivated. Exercise is something I’ve been doing my entire life, and I notice a huge difference in my mood when I’m not doing it. There have been times (especially while I was in university) where I didn’t prioritize fitness, and the difference I felt in my mental health once I started prioritizing a sweat session was massive.

Favourite part of class?

I love a good sprint. And that last 5 minutes of stretching at the end of class is perfection.

What is the best “side effect” you’ve noticed from SOARing?

Besides the positive effect it has on my mood (thank you, endorphins!), I also love taking an extra slice of pizza or cake and not feeling bad about it, because I know I’ll SOAR it out later!

What do you love about being a SOAR instructor?

I love creating fun workouts to music that makes people happy. And finding new ways to give corrections and help clients get the most out of each move they’re doing feels great.

What other exercise(s) and/or fitness routines do you participate in?

I’ve been known to hit up a spin or yoga class every once in a while, but my first love is SOAR.

What is your occupation?

Marketing professional.

What is your favourite guilty pleasure?

I don’t really have guilty pleasures because I think if something makes you happy you shouldn’t feel guilty about it! But I do love a good poutine.

Do you have a favourite book?

I love reading so it’s hard to choose just one favourite. Overall favourite would have to be the Harry Potter series – specifically the Prisoner of Azkaban.

Favourite movie?

10 Things I Hate About You and Mean Girls.

Favourite place you’ve traveled to?

Greece! Take me back!

Tell us something we don’t know about you.

For two summers while I was in university I worked as a labourer in a pulp mill. I definitely learned how to rock coveralls and steel-toed boots.

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