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Guide to Summer Fitness

Summer is here and this means one of two things, either the summer sun and short-short season is motivating you to kick that barre booty into high-gear, or maybe you get a little preoccupied by those summer BBQ’s and patio sips that your workouts get tossed on the back burner. This blog post is for those of us caught in the second group (and lets be real … we have all been there). It is inevitable, fitness motivation fluctuates during the summer month, so we are writing this blog to keep you on point with your barre practice and healthy lifestyle throughout the coming months. We have compiled a list of tips and tricks to keep your fitness motivation at its prime all summer long.

1) Be sure to keep things cool and adjust your body temperature during summer workouts. In any exercise, including barre, your muscles use energy by burning fuels (like fat and carbs) this produces heat. As muscle heat production continues, the blood circulates throughout your body causing an overall internal temperature rise. When things heat up in the summer it is important to maintain a safe internal temperature when working out. Our bodies have natural ways of maintain this temperature, such as sweating. But you can also stay cool by wearing light clothing, drinking plenty of water, taking a cool shower or even applying a few drops of peppermint or eucalyptus oil on the back of your neck or at your temples helps cool things off. Oh, and we have AC over here at the barre studio.

2) Find innovative ways to incorporate workouts into your weekly routine that can only be done in the summer. When the sun is shining, lets make the most of it! Did you know that something as simple as washing your car burns around 200 cal/hour? Getting outside for your summer sweat sesh is the perfect way to switch up your fitness routine and soak up a little sun. PS. Stay posted for some outdoor barre classes coming your way this summer!!

3) Refuel and Hydrate! This is crazy important during any summer activities! Replenish hydration in your body by drinking plenty of water before, after and during your workout. Also, fill up on fruits and veggies with a high water percentage to keep you full and hydrated. Watermelon and strawberries are 92% water and cucumbers and iceberg lettuce are 96% water, get it in ya!

4) Add the occasional sweat sesh into your summer vacation. Tend to overindulge on your summer vay-cay? You’re certainly not alone. Skip the guilt by setting aside time to get the heart rate going while you’re on vacation. Runs, hikes and bikes are a great way to see the city that you’re exploring while burning a few calories. Going somewhere tropical? Take a swim in the ocean, try out stand up paddle boarding or white water rafting! Get creative barre babes!

5) Find your balance. We cannot stress this enough, maintaining a healthy lifestyle is important every month of the year but it is all about the balance. Remember that having one too many frozen margaritas on a hot day is not going to throw you off of your health and wellness game entirely. This summer, try to find your balance between work and play to remain healthy and happy. And don’t worry, you can always work off those margaritas at the barre.

We hope that this has inspired your summer fitness and maybe even given you a few new ideas to get active.

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