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Be Love Challenge

It's been a difficult year for many of us and if there’s anything we could use more of these days, it’s self-love, am I right? Which is why we’ve created the Be Love Challenge. From February 1st to the 28th, join Studio B as we give our bodies, minds and souls the unconditional love they deserve. This challenge is all about positivity and recognizing our self-worth is not determined by what our bodies look like but instead by what they are capable of. It’s about self-care, gratitude, and turning negative thoughts into positive affirmations.

How the challenge works: Screenshot or print the challenge card and legend below. Mark your squares once completed. Please note they can be completed in any order. When your challenge card is completed, email to be entered to win amazing prizes including 3 months of unlimited live virtual classes OR a 3 month subscription to Studio B On Demand, a $100.00 gift card from The Skinny a beautiful leather tote from Poppy Barley and more, to be announced shortly!

We also have some AMAZING PROMOS for the month of February! Get a 20 class pass for our live virtual classes and recordings, valid from February 1st to the 28th, for $125.00. Sign up on MINDBODY here. AND/OR: Sign up for Studio B On Demand here between February 1st and 7th and get your first 7 days free, then your first month for $10.99 US and remaining months for $27.99 US. Use promo code BLOVE.

Be Love Challenge Card
Download PDF • 3.16MB

Be Love Challenge Legend
Download PDF • 1.61MB

Some examples of the above challenges:

Write yourself a love note: I am strong, capable and proud of my body. I am enough. I am beautiful, inside and out.

Write down 3 things you’re grateful for at the end of the day: My health, my family, the delicious meal I cooked for dinner. My dog, my Amazon package, my home. My friends, phone calls and warm weather.

Think of a non-physical attribute that you are most proud of about your body and what it has accomplished: My strong legs allowed me to hike up a mountain. My strong arms allow me to carry my 3 year old up the stairs to bed every night. I can run, jump and play sports without pain.

What is your ‘why’? Why do you exercise? I exercise to stay healthy so I can grow old and be around for my kids. I exercise to release stress and keep mentally fit. I exercise because I love the way it makes me feel afterwards.

Self-care practice: Take a bubble bath. Watch your favourite Netflix show, by yourself, without your phone nearby. Light some candles and meditate.

Find a photo that you want to delete or throw out every time you see it because of how you look. Remember why you took the photo - the adventure, the friends, laughs, love and memories. Feel free to share the positive memory on social media, despite not looking “picture perfect.”

Share your favourite body-positivity, body-neutral or anti-diet account on social media:

Feel free to tag us @studiobyeg on Instagram and use the hashtag #studiobyeg while participating in the challenge!


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