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BE CHALLENGED! Virtual Edition

Updated: Apr 15, 2020

Stuck at home and bored out of your mind? Join us for our next challenge! Fill up your challenge card from April 15th to May 17th to be entered to win an Unlimited Summer Pass! Be rewarded with free classes from May 18th until August 31st, 2020. The more completed cards, the more winners: We will pick 1 winner for every fifty finished challenge cards.

At Studio B everyone is different in their own wonderful way and therefore how you challenge yourself might be different from how someone else challenges themselves and THAT'S OK! Here are some ways to push you out of your comfort zone:

  • If you take 2 classes a week, try for three.

  • If you take 5 classes a week, try six.

  • Someone who pushes themselves and works out 7 days a week might give themselves permission to take a rest/recovery day or stretch day.

This challenge is as unique as you are! Classes can either be LIVE or ON DEMAND; you must try one of each.

Here is what our challenge card (which you can download HERE) looks like:

B Class or B Sweaty Selfie: Take any Studio B class OR go for a walk. spend some time stretching, massage your muscles with a foam roller, dance or just get moving and post on Facebook or Instagram tagging @studiobyeg.

Be Kind: Do something nice for someone else. Drop off groceries to someone in need, call a friend you haven't contacted in awhile to see how they are, check on your neighbours, etc.

Be Grateful: Share something you're grateful for and tag @studiobyeg.

Be Rested: Sleep in, have an afternoon nap, take a day off from your workout, have a bath. Rest your body, mind and soul!

Post At Home Your "Barre" Set Up: Take a photo! Let's see your chairs, railings, pianos, weights, wine bottles, soup cans - anything you're using to help you sweat!

Live Class With Camera On: Don't be shy! Participate in one of our online classes with your camera on in ZOOM so we can see you!

If you don't have social media you can leave a review on Mindbody, google, or facebook instead of posting OR email us your picture(s) to post.

Again, you can download your challenge card here, or screenshot on our Instastories.

It's time to BE CHALLENGED! Good luck! And remember: You got this!

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