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Barre Favs: Winter Activities

Sunshine + blue skies have been trending in YEG this winter and if that is not ideal, we don't know what is! There are only a couple more months until our (somewhat) white winter melts into a rejuvenating spring. A couple more months to embrace the beautiful season that is the favorite of the great white north. This week we have collected a few of our barre favorite winter activities to share with you. As winter wraps up take time to create your own moments with the people you love in this pretty city, snow or shine!

"Favourite winter activity would be snowboarding! I love the mountains, -- early morning rise, get up to the summit before the sun has risen and board down in the beautiful morning rays. Got to say I do love a good book too, curling up with a blanket, a glass of wine or hot chocolate and reading is a great inside activity :-)" - Kirsten

"Ummmmmm….does being wrapped in a blanked with a warm drink and a book count as a winter activity ;)" - Erika

"Oh gosh there are just too many! Winter is my favourite season! I love skiing, playing pond-hockey, snowshoeing, snowmobiling, ice fishing, and of course sleigh rides ;) I'm actually more active in the winter - summer makes me sweat too much." - Lindsey

"I would have to say snuggling on the couch under a warm blanket, haha but I assume you mean outdoors. Snowshoeing." -Elissa

"Snowboarding!" - Jamie "Going on a vacation somewhere warm, but if it has to be outdoors I'd say sitting in a hot tub outdoors." -Katharine

"I love skating! For those that know me, know that I am seriously lacking in balance and grace (despite being a ballerina) so naturally I am not that good at it. But nevertheless, my family is extremely hockey orientated so it is always a fun time when we get together at the outdoor rink!" - Katarina 

"Cold weather typically doesn't keep me tied down at home. I like to spend my winters doing the things that I am too busy to do in the summer, so this winter I am really enjoying indoor rock climbing and spin classes." - Megan 

"I love winter and all the activities! I am usually skiing in the mountains at least once a month or at the rink a few nights a week. However, this year I have been doing a lot of tobogganing for some reason. My friends and I love to go to Connor's Hill with my dog, strap a GoPro onto him and see what kind of footage we can get. " - Charlotte

"Skating :) Our city has so many great places to skate during the winter and I love getting to spend time outside in the fresh Edmonton air!" - Julia

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