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Barre Favs: Summer to Winter Fitness Routine

Baby, it's cold outside! Although we are always keeping things HOT @ the barre, the same can't be said for every aspect of our health/fitness routine. We are storing away the short shorts and retiring your favourite pair of runners and trading them in for mitts, toques and scarfs. This week, we asked your barre instructor how their own personal health and fitness routines transform from season to season. Here is how you will catch them keeping warm this winter:

"I’m staying motivated this winter by keeping my muscles warm before and after practice. It makes the commute more bearable, and once I get to the studio my body still feels motivated and ready to get right into the workout. I’m MEGA layering, using things like: vests over sweaters, heavier jackets, sweatpants over leggings, and/or leg warmers and socks—and even once I’m in studio, still wearing a sweater or just my vest so that my core stays warm and ready to go!" - Kendra

"I am a huge fun of all things summer fitness and equally loathe the snow/cold. So while I spent every minute I can outside during the summer, you won't catch me outside very often in the winter. My workouts shift over to inside activities during the winter: barre, rebounding, spin and weight training. Although there is less variation in my wintertime fitness, my gym workouts always last much longer just to avoid going back outside into the cold." - Katarina  

"I definitely try and stick to my goal of doing at least 30 minutes of activity a day. Whether that be taking a walk outside with my dog or meeting up with one of my girlfriends for a killer barre class, I always remember that my body (and mind) is going to feel SO much better after my workout." - Jill

"I don’t find mine changes much at all. I workout daily because it makes me feel good both physically and mentally. I actually might work out a bit more in the Winter as I need the mental boost more over the dreary Winter months. But I will admit to also indulging more food and drink wise over the Winter, because my Winter wardrobe is more “cozy”… aka covered up ;)" - Jessica

"I think we just need to adapt and accept that the seasons will change. We know we live in a place that gets cold at the same time every year so why not embrace each season and try to make the most of it. Just because it is getting colder, doesn't mean we have to hibernate. It means we get out our sweaters, slap on a toque and go skating." - Erin

"In autumn, my fitness routine shifts more indoors as I am able to attend more barre classes, and in winter it shifts back outdoors because I absolutely love winter activities! I've always been an active & adventurous person, so surrounding myself with people who share the same interests helps to keep me motivated. I also wear a Fitbit that helps to keep me accountable to reaching my weekly exercise goal." - Lindsey

"My fitness routine definitely shifts to all indoor activities for the winter months (unless making snow angels count as fitness!?) - the time I spend outside in the summer is replaced with checking out different fitness studios in the city, aaand just like last winter I am sure I'll be spending even more time at the barre! When winter hits, my motivation shifts from short shorts to Starbucks (those drinks aren't easy on the calories), knowing how much delicious food I will be eating over the holidays & staying healthy in general (the more diligent I am with my fitness routine, the less I catch those nasty winter colds!)." - Michelle

"As the weather gets colder I find I run a lot less than I do in the warmer months. In order to make up for this I try and go barre a lot more! I also have fun winter sports like snowboarding and cross country skiing to look forward to. It can definitely be hard to stay motivated, especially since it is so dark all the time, but I know that if I go to class the endorphin release and positive energy from the other barre stars will help cure any "winter blues" so it's worth the effort!" - Jaime

"I find scheduling the time for exercise in each day the way to stay motivated as the weather turns cool as well as using the buddy system to keep me accountable and less likely to cancel or not do a workout that day." - Erika

"My personal fitness routine doesn't really change from summer to winter - I try and balance barre with cardio such as running and spin classes (and have recently tried a SOAR class - which was a lot of fun). I just find I have to stay more motivated when the weather gets cooler! I try to keep to my goals by pre-booking classes and booking classes with friends to stay motivated!" - Sarah

"I definitely try to spend as much time outside as I can summer or winter, I love all seasons so my shift mostly goes from running stairs or playing tennis outside to snowshoeing or cross country skiing when the snow hits. I try to stay motivated and hitting my daily activity goals by registering for group fitness classes. I know I can't skip out when that no show or cancellation fee is involved and there is a room full of other people ready to sweat along side me." - Charlotte 

"As the days get shorter, I am typically am more motivated to work out into the evening. You don’t have to worry about missing out on the warm weather and hours of sunshine, so you might as well be at barre, or get your cardio blast at Soar. Plus the workouts help beat the winter blues." - Kristin 

"I find myself substituting outdoor activities (like running, hiking) for more indoor activities (like spin) as the weather gets colder. Through the winter I find it really important to have a balance of more outwardly exerting activities with more introspective ones (yoga). It may not be short short season, but feeling great in skinny jeans and a cozy sweater is just as important!" - Kyra

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