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Barre Favs: Summer Fitness

With the warm weather and the extended YEG sunshine, the fitness opportunities are endless during the summer months! We turned to your barre instructors this week to ask how their fitness game changes during the summer. While you can always catch them at the barre, they have some really good ideas on how to compliment your barre workouts with some sun and fresh air. Read all about it below!

"In the summer I look forward to more activities that get the body moving and the heart pumping outside! I really like to head over to the Grandview stairs when I have a free night and we love taking Bax out for more walks because the weather is so much nicer. Also, does running to catch up with the ice cream truck count as cardio? Asking for a friend…" - Jill

"For some reason I'm open to doing and trying more things in the summer. Last summer I ran stairs for the first time which was killer! Not sure what I might try this year!" - Lauren

"Not really, I'd love to say I get out and go running in the valley or do stairs outdoors at Glenora, but I am a terrible runner. I go for more walks outdoors and enjoy the trails. This year, I might end up utilizing my back yard though! --- Benefits of living on a golf course ;-)" - Kirsten

"I usually increase my bicep workouts. It takes a lot of effort to bring the icy cold margarita to my lips while sitting on the patio!" - Elissa

"Once summer hits I resume all outdoor activities! Tennis, golfing, river valley walks (I might even take up running this summer - probably not, but maybe!), biking, Frisbee, the list goes on. You will still catch me at the Barre probably as much as I am now - but any time spent during the colder months going to other studios or checking out new fitness gigs in Edmonton is now transferred to outdoor activities!" - Michelle

"How does your fitness game change once summer hits? To be honest, my fitness game slows down a little during summer. Although I play rec league slo-pitch, I spend more time hanging out with friends (usually on a patio) than I do taking my usual barre, spin, and yoga classes. Whoops!" - Lindsey

"More time spent doing outside activities; walking/running in the river valley, biking, hiking, outdoor yoga, stairs, whatever I can do to get outside and enjoy the sun." - Carla

"I don't do much differently in the summer in terms of my workouts, but generally I am more active, walking more, playing outside with my girls, swimming, hiking, etc. I LOVE summer!" - Jessica

"Mine pretty much stays the same! I love to switch it up with outdoor activities since it is after all nice out :)" - Hannah

"Once the snow is off the ground I tend to run outside quite a bit more. It's a great way to get exercise in while still enjoying the beautiful weather." - Jaime

"When summer comes, my fitness game gets weaker because I'm sitting on the patio. Just kidding it really doesn't change much but I try to go outside more often." - Emily

"With the extra daylight, and warmer temperatures, I start running outside again in the mornings! I love being outside, and its the perfect way to start my day." - Christy

"When summer hits I often try to do more outside fitness activities to take advantage of the sun and heat! Anything from a walk to biking or playing in the yard with my nieces, all a great way to change up the routine!" - Erika

"My fitness game kicks into high gear when the summer comes! There is something about sunny mornings that energize me to get a workout in first thing. Also, I am stoked that hiking season is back!" - Katarina

"It's summer and we might as well enjoy the nice weather while it lasts so there will be a lot more hiking, biking, swimming, kayaking and paddle boarding. Pretty much anything that I can do outside that's active." - Erin Now get out and enjoy the sunshine barrestars.

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