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Barre Favs: Summer Drinks

We are all about that work work work work work at the barre, but there is no doubt that we play just as hard once class is through! We think that after a killer barre burn, there is no better way to unwind than sitting in the sun with a summer cocktail! And the best part is that after a couple hundred pulses, you have certainly earned it.

This week we are sharing with you some of our absolute favorite summer drink recipes. Trust us, this barre isn’t the only bar that your tenders know their way around. So next time you’re looking to sit back in the sunshine, give one of these recipes a go!

(PS. Everything tastes just a little bit better with an umbrella … its science! )

“My favourite summer drink is home made iced tea: steep 3 bags of orange pekoe tea in a large jug. Let it cool then add 1/2 cup of sugar and 1/8 cup of lemon juice. Refrigerate and enjoy! Also, the frozen peach Bellini at Joeys is miraculous! ” – Lindsey

“Sangria, for sure – especially the ones from Milestones, both the “Superfruit Red” & “Somersby White” are delish!” – Michelle

“Tough choice, I’ll try anything once, but my go to favs:

Either a chilled glass of sauvingnon blanc (preferably a Marlborough) Or a delicious Cap’t Morgan Spiced rum and coke pressed. If I’m feeling sassy I may just order a double Bellini– Milestones serves the BEST ones haha” – Kirsten

“I love sangria on a hot summer day! Joey’s makes a really good one.” – Jamie

“My favourite drink is Mojito with fresh mint from my garden. Second place is a tie and goes to Summersby Ciders and Moscato Wine.” – Erika

“My sister introduced me to these homemade peach bellini’s when she made them for a brunch years ago. I usually only make them for special occasions because they do take a bit of effort but they are so worth it. (Recipe attached below) ” –Erin

“If you like fruity, sweet drinks, The Brazilian at Cactus Club is a must. It has fresh lime and kiwi in it and it is delicious! I also love Margaritas from Julios Barrio, always a fun drink on a hot day.” – Kristin

“Any of the cocktails from Famoso shared on the patio with friends as an “adult” choice. Or water blended with cold watermelon and mint for something fresher” –Kyra

“Very unoriginal, but I love a nice cold patio beer. One of my faves is AlleyKat Main Squeeze. So I will hang out any where that has it on tap.” – Charlotte

“I am definitely on the same page as all of my fellow barretenders – Sangria is forever my go-to! However, since my trip to Ireland, I have a new discovered love for Magners Cider … so I’m sure that those will be making an appearance summer!” – Katarina

Have your own favourite summer sips? Don’t hold out, we want the deets!

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