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Barre Favs: Summer Activity

Big vacations in the summer are always great, however, we also enjoy the simple things in life. Plus, we think that summertime is always well spent in and around our city. The warm weather and pretty YEG days offer up the perfect opportunity to share some laughs and make some memories with family and friends. Today on the blog, we have asked a few of your barre instructors what you might find them getting up to during the summer (when they aren’t kicking butt @ the barre, of course). With their wisdom, we have made up a list of our absolute favorite activities to do during the summer months! Some things on our list involve venturing out a little bit, while others can literally be done in your own backyard. Here is our studio favs: summer activities edition!

“I really enjoy roller blading, and walking in the river valley, and the opportunity to walk in heals with no snow to trudge through is an added bonus :-P” – Kirsten

“There are so many fun summer activities but some of my favourites are camping, hiking, and backyard firepits.” – Jamie

“My favourite summer activity is sitting on my back deck with some good tunes and a book soaking up the sun and nice weather.” – Erika

“Getting out to the cabin at Pigeon Lake, having a fire and watching the sun go down. Hard to beat those beautiful Alberta sunsets.” – Erin

“Really anything that involves being outside and soaking up the incredible prairie sunshine. I especially like to take advantage of the extended daylight hours in Edmonton during the summer months!” – Kyra

“I spend my summers gardening, going for walks, and playing at the playground. Edmonton is such a beautiful city in the summer that I like to just hang out in the city and enjoy it.” – Kristin

“I have way too many favourite summer activities to pick one: running in the river valley, hiking, biking, pretty much anything outside...I feel like this year will be the year of rollerblading though.” – Charlotte

“going to the offleash with the pooch, or camping if there is a nice weekend” – Elissa

“My favourite summer activity would have to be drinking on a patio when the sun is out!” – Megan

“Growing up in the Maritimes has made me lover of the water. It's hard to pick a favourite - does drinking on a sand bar count?” – Lindsey

"Hiking down mountains ..... not up though. I also enjoy feeding bears on mountain tops. OH AND discussing Big Brother with Katarina." - Katharine

"What Katharine said, minus the bears ... thats her thing. I also like running stairs (the stairs by the Victoria Golf Course are my favourite and they are just down the street from Holland Plaza), watching the pretty sunsets, but most of all road trip dance parties." -Katarina

“My favourite summer activity is anything outside! From playing tennis (and I use the word "playing" loosely), to bike riding through to river valley to checking out all of the amazing festivals Edmonton has to offer - as long as it's outside in the sunshine it's my fav!” – Michelle

If you think that there is something missing from our list, let us know because we have got to try it!

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