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Barre Favs: Spring Studio Style

Now that spring is officially in full swing, it is time to switch out those comfy, cozy sweaters for light and bight tanks! Not only have we increased our time @ the barre with the summer days ahead (hello short shorts!), but we are also upping the ante on our spring studio style! One of our favourite things about the season change is breaking out all of our favourite patterned capri’s and bight coloured toesox!

This week we are asking your barre instructors to tell us about their favourite fitness fashions this time of year, check them out:

“I am all about bright pants, I love leggings that are really colourful and stand out. I tend to stick to natural Barre Body tanks and Toe Soxs so I can always rock crazy tights with anything else I am wearing.” – Kristin G

“Must have: a pretty, strappy sports bra. Bonus points for patterned pants and a minimalist tank!” – Kendra

“Pink!!!” – Katharine

“All black everything is generally my go-to studio style, but the warm weather does inspire me to change things up every once and a while! I’d say that hats are my favorite workout accessory during the summer – what is a bad hair day!?” – Katarina

“I tend to stick to yoga pants and a loose fitting top because I like to be as comfortable as possible. I have been trying to steer away from buying so much grey since it seems like it is the only colour I own! At least I can accent all that grey with some brightly coloured toe sox :)” – Jamie

“When the weather warms up so does the studio so I love to break out a patterned pair of crops to go with a basic barre tank and then a thin crop tee-shirt to go overtop for warm up.  My Birkenstock sandals to and from the studio are my go to spring and summer staple footwear – great for studio to street :)” – Erika

“My studio style typically consists of full length leggings and a cute BBS top (both of which are chosen based on what I have clean!), a pair of ToeSox or Shashi Socks (chosen based on toenail condition!), and I always top my outfit off with a hair tie!” –Michelle

” I can’t get enough of wearing black on black on black, but when that warmer weather starts coming around I like to break out some bright-coloured sports bras and tanks. My favourite colour to wear besides black is blush pink.” – Lindsey

“I like to keep it simple and be comfortable, I love my leggings with a tank on top.” –Erin

“I love the warm weather because that means that I get to break out all of my favourite Lululemon skirts and shorts in barre class!” – Megan 

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