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Barre Favs: Songs to Make you Sweat

If you haven't had a chance to make it over to our most recent 'Barre Beats' blog segment - you need too! Each month we are sharing with you the latest and greatest on the music scene and what we are listening to around the studio. This is our inspiration for this weeks barre favs... Each one of your instructors is guilty for dancing around the studio when you're shaking like crazy at the bottom of your plie, although cruel, how can they not when the barre beats are just THAT good! This week, we asked your barretenders what songs they turn to to get them in the mood, the mood to sweat that is! Check out our workout anthems and all the songs that make us sweat!

"Luke Bryan - Shake it for me, and anything Justin Bieber (I know, shocking right?)" - Lindsey

"Florence + The Machine is my go to running playlist/dance party soundtrack/pre-barre pump up. I especially like her old music, Shake it Out & Dog Days Are Over - So. Much. Love!" - Katarina

"I don’t have a favourite song per say but love anything by Bruno Mars to get me in a dancing mood!" - Erika

"I would have to say that my guilty pleasure to listen to before teaching is "Red Red Wine" -Bob Marley style and "Down Under"- Men at Work. When it's time to pump it up Calvin Harris, Steve Aoki, Afrojack-- Basically any Electro dance music!" - Kirsten

"I will play anything. But right now I am [not so secretly] in love with Justin Beiber." - Elissa

" All of the lights - Kanye West. I never seem to get tired of this song. It always gives me a burst of energy when it comes on while I am working out." - Jamie

"I really like anything by Fifth Harmony and Little Mix for working out, they have a good beat to get the energy going and have so many good songs! Right now, I am also really liking In The Night by The Weeknd." - Megan

"My #womancrush on Britney is no secret, so obviously my go to workout song is 'Piece of Me' by Britney Spears." - Katharine

"The Way You Make Me Feel - Michael Jackson!" - Julia

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