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Barre Favs: Road Trip Playlist

Do you ever find yourself tucking to the beat in your car? (Good – then we aren’t the only ones.) With summer slowly winding down and the long weekend quickly approaching, you are probably packing up for a few final camping excursions and road trips. Your team is offering up some sweet soundtracks for your next summer adventure. Check out what we are listening to and get moving to that new road trip playlist!  

“What ever is playing on Spotify or Songza for the new upbeat dance music!  This summer had a lot of KPop as well as I was in South Korea for the first half of summer.” – Erika

“My summer 2015 road trip playlist is basically Florence and the Machine's new album (Which Witch is amazing) and Sam Hunt's new album (House Party). Usually on shuffle so that it is mixed up and doesn't get too boring, sometimes I like to throw in a little Jason Derulo (Try Me and Love Me Down) just to keep things interesting.” –Charlotte

“I am in love with Hilary Duff's new album (Breathe In. Breathe Out.) and have been listening to it in my car all summer. Other than that, old Taylor Swift and Shania Twain albums are a must on long road trips.” – Katharine

“My typical jams are usually along the lines of Sam Smith, Mumford and Sons, Arctic Monkeys and (my fav) John Mayer. But confession time… N.W.A’s greatest hits have been bumpin’ in my car for the past two weeks… Most definitely my road trip playlist of choice at the moment." –Katarina

“I’m known for my really random playlists. I just like to have a bunch of up beat music when I go road tripping so I can dance around in the car. You’ll find my playlists will go from Pitbull to AC/DC and then a little ABBA to some David Guetta.” – Erin

“I might be the only one to pull out my old case of CDs, instead of playing my road trip tunes on my iPhone. That means anything from Queen’s greatest hits, to country to any song from the 90’s.” – Amanda

“I’m not going to lie – I am a HUGE fan of Bruno Mars. Uptown Funk – I sing along with it, I dance to it, I just can’t help it! I also love some Vance Joy if I need some more Zen.” - Kyra

"Everything from Taylor Swift, to Metallica, Eric Clapton to Reba." - Kirsten

We are wishing you safe travels and a whole lot of sunshine this long weekend – see you at the barre!  

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