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Barre Favs: Post-Barre Patios

Tis the season for patio drinks! When summer comes around and the sun is out to play, nothing beats chilling on a local outdoor patio with your favourite drink in hand.  And reason #284 why we barre so hard ... So that we can enjoy all of these little summer perks absolutely guilt-free! Sounds great, right!? Next time that you're looking to soak up some sun, check out one of your barretenders favourite patios in Edmonton. Who knows ... maybe you'll even catch one of your BBS instructors out at their fav spot!

"Original Joes in Terwillegar or the upstairs patio at Blackdog on Whyte Ave." - Megan

"JOEY Jasper" - Michelle

"I love any golf course patio during summer. I live right by Jaeger Ridge, so that is my favourite. It is just so pretty!" - Katarina

"Earls" - Elissa

"I really love the patio at Cactus Club on Jasper Ave, and you can sit on it right through the winter! I also have always liked sitting on the Julio’s Barrio patio in the summer, drinking margaritas and eating piles of nachos. " - Kristin

"Joeys in South Common." - Lindsey (obviously.... ;) )

"Patio margaritas and people watching at Julios on whyte ave." - Erin

"Patio season is my favourite season! I would recommend trying the roof-top patio at Craft Beer Market, or the Hotel MacDonald lounge which has a beautiful patio overlooking the river valley." - Jamie

"My favourite YEG Patio happens to be Earls on Jasper Ave - great for people watching and for my fav blended Mojito!" - Erika

"I love me a good roof-top bar, and Craft Beer Market has a great roof patio! Day-drinks on a Whyte Ave patio is always fun too." - Kendra

"MKT. Gluten free for life." - Katharine

"The rooftop patio at O2's on Whyte Ave!" - Rae

Do you have a local gem? We want to hear about your favourite #YEG spots for sun, eats and cocktails! Let us know where its at!

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