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Barre Favs: New Years Resolutions

As we bid farewell to 2015 and the New Year rolls around, many of us begin to think of new resolutions, intentions and goals to achieve in 2016. Envision the best version of yourself, mastermind a plan to get there and then … rock it out. Maybe your goal is to get back in shape, drink more water, or lift that seat just a little bit (butt buster, anyone?). But regardless, if your goals include a happier, healthier version of yourself, then you know that the barre is the best place to start. If you're still seeking out a resolution or intention to set for 2016, we have turned to your barretenders for a little inspiration. Take a look at what we are going to conquer in the New Year!  

"Generally for New Years Resolutions, I like to keep them broad - this way they are applicable to every aspect of my life and I can follow different paths to achieve them. So for 2016, my resolution is to roll with the punches." - Katarina

"For 2016, my resolution is to unplug from technology once a day and invest in more "me-time" by reading. By the end of 2016 I would like to have completed reading 24 new books (making that 2 books a month)!" - Julia 

"Instead of resolutions, I set intentions for the upcoming year and name them like in Chinese tradition. For example, 2014 was the year of money, 2015 was the year of travel, and 2016 will be the year of love & career focus." - Lindsey 

"Last year I gave up alcohol for 2015, so this new year cocktails will re-enter my life! I also want to make travel a bigger part of my life this upcoming year." - Kristin G

"My 2016 resolution is to try not to over schedule myself!" - Erika

"My new years resolution is to try and read more books! And to drink more water (which is my new years resolution every year...)" - Jamie

"My New Years resolution is to support local businesses whenever possible and to try a new restaurant every time I go out to eat instead of always going to the same places." - Charlotte

"My new years resolution for 2016 would be to read the workings of Jane Austen, all 6 books accompanied by a bottle of wine and a bar of milk chocolate. This way I am exposed to and understand each character and make an unbiased choice of my favourite male character -- though we all know, it is of course Mr Darcy ;-) I would also like to attempt to learn how to properly ice skate and the key: To stop-- not twirl like a figure skater until I lose momentum haha! Lastly I want to keep hiking in Scotland and climb at least 3 munros with my family. There are 282 Munros ( a mountain over 3000 feet.) Munros are unlike the great heights of the Rockies, none the less, a magical and unforgettable climb, the rolling hills of the Scottish highlands is a site to behold from the summit." - Kirsten

"For 2016, my New Years resolution is to finally beat Katarina in a Minute To Win It game, eat more bread, and read more books ... None of those things will actually happen but a girl can dream." - Katharine 

What resolutions have you set for yourself in 2016?

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