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Barre Favs: Local Hangout

Aside from the mid-winter blizzards, Edmontonians have it pretty good. Not only do we live in a city colored with culture and we get to experience every season change to its most ample effect, we also have a pretty rad collection of delicious restaurants, charming parks, opulent galleries, oh yeah, and some pretty awesome fitness boutiques as well (nudge nudge). This week your barretenders are giving you the 411 on where you might catch them after dishing out that sweet burn at the barre! Check out our favorite local hangouts:  

“My favorite local hang outs depend on what I’m doing. I love brunch and some of my favourite places to go get it are Culina at the Muttart, Blue Plate Diner and Under the High Wheel. If I’m going out for drinks then you might find me at Underground, Next Act Pub or Cask and Barrel.” - Erin

“I’d have to say that the Strathcona Farmers Market is my jam! I always look forward to my weekly trips to Whyte on Saturday mornings to pick up my kale and chickie dough. But Café Tiramisu on 124th ave and MKT Beer Market on Whyte ave are up there on my list too!” – Katarina

“My back deck on my lounge chair with a good book and cold beverage :).  Famoso Pizza is also great for quick yummy food and treats - mmmmm gelato :)”   - Erika

“My fiancé and I agreed that we would try a new restaurant every time we decide to eat out because we find ourselves at Joey South Common lounge A LOT (still our fav).”   - Lindsey

Anywhere that sells a decent latte. I love Transcend and I recently discovered the cutest little café called Café Bicyclette that I will be supporting more frequently.” – Mary Jo

“The Bend in Terwilleger. Little bar off the beaten track.”  - Kirsten

“Duchess Bake Shop. It is a great place to catch up with friends, and everything there is delicious.” – Katharine

“My local hang out is definitely Terwillegar Dog Park, I am there at least 4 times a week if not more.  Watching the dogs frolic and play in the water is so adorable. My golden retriever puppy had his first summer this year and learnt how to swim there so it's kind of been our spot ever since. “ – Charlotte

“Depends on the season for me! We love going on walks through the river valley when the weather is nice. During winter, snowshoeing is more our thing. “ –Elissa

"W.C Tubby Bateman Park (or Tubby Park) is definitely a favourite for my family! It is tucked right down by the Mill Creek Ravine and has so much charm to it, with lots of community toys that have been left for kids to play with. It’s also a great place for picnics, with lots of green space to spread out." - Kristin 

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