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Barre Favs: Holiday Tradition

There is officially less than ONE WEEK until Christmas! You are probably busy as ever with social events, gift shopping/wrapping, and party hosting but don't let the hustle and bustle of the holiday season distract you from the joy of your favourite Christmas tradition. This week, your barre instructors are sharing their favourite holiday traditions with you. Check it out!

"My favorite Christmas Tradition is getting together with family Christmas Eve! Going to a church service then heading to someone's house all decked out in Christmas decorations, eating food, doing a Chinese gift exchange and laughing so hard it hurts!" - Michelle

"My favourite Christmas tradition is Boxing day! Our family spends the whole day in PJs, eating left overs and treats, watching movies, playing games and with new toys, and just enjoying time together. It can be such a busy season, we like to balance that with some family relaxation." - Jessica 

"Favourite Christmas tradition? Well, there are so many things to choose from. In my family, on Christmas morning we have champagne and orange juice and this delicious breakie treat my mum makes for us, not to mention enjoying all of this together as a family and lounging around in our PJs for most of, if not all of the day! <3 <3" - Kirsten 

"Make shortbread, drink eggnog chai, and watch the notebook." - Mary Jo

"My favourite Christmas tradition is making cookies and baking with my girlfriends that is my kick off to the holidays - wine, comfy clothes, sweets and chinese food to top it off is how it goes down each year!" - Erika 

"The best part is when the board/card games come out... and so do the drinks!" - Sarah 

"We aren’t really a family of traditions, but I do love making the trip to my grandma’s farm where there is lots of homemade sweets, mulled wine, and family time!" - Emily

"I especially miss my family back in New Brunswick over the holidays, so my favourite Christmas tradition is a good old kitchen party with tons of food, moose milk, and my huge, crazy family! Next year, "I'll be Home With Bells On"!" - Lindsey

"Each year my family goes on the ETS lights tour. Edmonton Transit has buses that tour the city so you can see all the Christmas lights, staying warm and not worrying about having to watch where you drive. They know all the good spots to go and it is a great way to get in the holiday spirit." - Kristin 

"Although it's a new-ish tradition, over the last six years my husband and I have gotten together with a group of people from his work on Christmas Eve and we eat and drink and always share hilarious stories - it's so fun to catch up with everyone and their kids! My mom also always gives us new pyjamas on Christmas Eve and we ALWAYS watch Home Alone during brunch on Christmas Day!" - Jill

"Baking cookies! I love baking Christmas goodies and of course eating them even more!" - Hannah 

"Every Christmas Eve my husband and I exchange one gift: a new pair of pajamas to wear Christmas morning." - Megan 

"My favourite holiday tradition is the Christmas movies. I am really not the biggest fan of Christmas music or anything like that (hello, grinch!) but the movies get me excited every year. As soon as December 1st hit, we got right to it! I like smiling, smiling is my favourite." - Katarina 

Do you have a favourite Christmas moment?

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