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Barre Favs: Halloween Costumes

Why do we barre so hand? Straight up, Halloween candy. Those chocolate bars are so small the calories don’t even count right? ;) With Halloween just a couple of days away we caught up with your favorite barretenders, and I think that we all agree that you are never too old to dress up! Spooky, sparkly, or scandalous here is what we are being for Halloween!

“I am going to dress up as Britney Spears for Halloween. Either 'Baby One More Time' Britney with her pink top and baggy white pants, or 'Everytime' Britney if I'm feeling more scandalous =P” – Katharine

“A unicorn, my pink workout pants will make my costume comfortable and bright for trick-or-treating!” – Kristen G

“The plan this year is for a group of my friends to dress up as shark week. So I will be a shark with a shirt that says "Tues" on it” – Charlotte

“For Halloween this year I will be dressing up as a barre star;)” – Mary Jo

“I'm going to be in Norway for Halloween this year and I don't think it's a big deal there so I haven't planned anything.” – Kyra

“As I'm going to be working that day probably a black cat with ears and face paint - can't go too wild unfortunately!!” – Erika

“A Jellyfish! I saw it once and thought it was cute so now it's my turn to see if I can re-create it.” – Erin

“For Halloween I usually dust off an old dance costume - tap costumes were the best, with top hats and sequin coattails. Who needs scary when you have glitter!” – Lindsey

“A hybrid of half homemade and half purchased from the little kid section of the Halloween store, I’m being Buzz Lightyear!” - Katarina

"Princess Leia, in a onesie and gold bikini, my husband is going as Chewbacca"- Elissa   Wishing you a fun-filled and safe Halloween, barrestars! We’ll be here for you on Sunday morning to burn off all those Halloween treats. ;)  

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