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Barre Favs: Gym Bag Essentials

If you're anything like us, your morning haul to the car is a workout in itself. Gym bag, purse, lunch, coffee, change of clothes, kids ... then we all take that moment of panic to think ... 'what am I missing?!' (hopefully its not the kids and it better not be the coffee.) This week we asked your barretenders what is the most important thing that they pack up for their day. Here are their gym bag/ purse essentials: 

"I always carry the Saje pocket pharmacy in my bag everywhere I go. It is the perfect thing to have on hands in case you get a random headache or stomach pain. It doesn’t take up much room but I use it all the time." - Kristin

"Well I pretty much carry my whole life in my gym bag but my must have is definitely men's deodorant. Works like a charm." -Charlotte

"Lip Balm!" - Erika

"I feel like this barre favs is directed right to me ... have you seen the ridiculous duffle bag that accompanies me literally EVERYWHERE I go. I will never leave my house without a pair of runners and a container of C4 because impromptu workouts are my life!" - Katarina  

"My other job is in health care, so hand sanitizer is with me everywhere I go!" - Jaime

"I always have dry shampoo and a book on me! Never know where you're going to be stranded and bored somewhere... or when you're going to neglect washing your hair for too many days in a row (wait, that's always)" - Emily

"There will ALWAYS be chapstick in my bag. I can't leave home without it. It's likely more essential to have than my phone." - Erin

"Other than barre socks? ???? Lately it's been my Apple Watch. I love that I can track my workouts and control my music all by a simple tap. The fact that it's sweat proof and I can wear it on my wrist makes it super convenient!" - Jessica

"Tea Tree Oil face wipes (I get mine from The Body Shop). I love these because they are antibacterial, great for a quick face/body wash after a sweaty barre session, and they keep my barre-bag smelling fresh!" - Kendra

"I always carry my agenda in my purse. I'm pen-and-paper old school like that." - Lindsey

What are your gym bag essentials? 

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