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Barre Favs: Fall Favourites

Hello, October! It is that time again - time to put away those short shorts and bust out the big scarfs, mittens, and leggings. Summer (and leg shaving season ;) ) has come to an end and over here at our studio we are starting fall off with a bang… and a killer burn. This week we asked your barretenders what their favorite part of fall is and its unanimous, barretenders clearly have thing for those autumn leaves. Keep reading to see what we adore about the change in season!  

“The color change of  all the leaves in the River Valley.  And being able to wear boots again :) “ - Erika

“Walking through the river valley when all the leaves start changing. That plus…pumpkin spice lattes and my birthday “ – Erin

"In New Brunswick my favorite part of fall is the colorful trees. I miss it so much because they're not as vibrant here in Alberta. If someone knows where I can find a patch of bright red trees this fall please let me know!" – Lindsey

“Fall is my favorite season, so this could be a never-ending list. But this fall I have discovered a new love for blanket scarfs… I’m down for any trend that involves literally wearing a blanket in public!” – Katarina

“The colours of the leaves on the trees. The river valley in Edmonton in the fall is quite spectacular.” – Mary Jo

“My favourite part of fall is the look of the trees and the smell of winter in the air. The brisk cool mornings, with dew drops on the grass hinting of the winter wonderland that is to come. “ – Kirsten

“This fall I am looking forward to the new season of The Walking Dead. I am always so sad that summer is over, but the new seasons of my favorite shows make fall a bit better ;) “ – Katharine

“My favourite part of fall is the sweater weather, I love being cozy and just fall fashion in general.  But there is nothing better than a big cozy sweater, leggings and leg warmers with tea in hand on a chilly day. “ – Charlotte

“Thanksgiving and Halloween! I love the turkey dinner and family board games that come with Thanksgiving, and the fun of dressing up that comes with Halloween. I also get to go out trick-or-treating with my son, and see his excitement at going door-to-door to collect treats from our neighbours.” – Kristen G

With summer officially over, it is time to get back to routine and back to those health/fitness goals. Embrace the chilly weather with some pulses and some plies to warm you up. We will see you at the barre!  

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