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Barre Favs: Barre Arms

What is the secret to sculpted barre arms? Light weights, repetitive movements and a tiny range of motion. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to curl 50 lbs weights to build those muscles up and while those 2 lbs weights may look like a breeze at first, any barrestar will certainly advise you other wise. Here are your instructors favourite ways to work those barre arms! 

“My favourite barre arm exercise is a toss up between wide rows & tricep kickbacks (palms up to be specific!)” – Michelle

“The arm series is my most favourite barre series! I could go for 20 minutes just on arms. If I were to pick one fav it would be wide arm barre push-ups with some low holds and pulses.” – Lindsey

“My favorite barre arms exercise is anything to do with triceps. I love doing all tricep exercises! Sometimes I love to add triceps to butt buster for an extra challenge” – Elissa

“Anyone who's been to a few of my classes knows that I love tricep exercises. I think my favourite is kickbacks from table top position on the burns so good! “ – Charlotte

“I love pushups! I wasn’t able to do a pushup for a long time, but now I can and I love it. It works the arms and also work the core, building a strong barre body from head to toe. “ – Kristin

“Any bicep work at shoulder height! You're working so many different muscle groups at the same time that they always feel like really efficient exercises.” – Kyra

“I love all things Triceps! As much as the triceps make the arms burn they give my arms definition and reason to pull out all the sleeveless tops in my closet to show off my efforts.” – Erin

“I love shoulder work so would have to say over head shoulder press with shoulder taps.” – Erika

“I like tricep pushups on the barre. Changing up the movement patterns helps to distract from the burn during the exercise, but you will definitely feel it the next day (in a good way).” – Jamie

“Right now, I love teaching my triceps on the floor. It's a short but effective series in reverse bridge, it burns those triceps to perfection!” – Kirsten

"I love chest presses while laying on your back! You have to do these ones with the heavy weights, but it burns SO good every time!" - Katarina

What is your favourite arm exercise to bust out in class?

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