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Barre Favs: 5 Minute Meals

The first stop after any workout is typically the fridge ... we know the feeling. But after a killer barre burn, who has time to prep an entire meal!? So this week we are turning to your barretenders to share their favourite 5 minute, post-workout meals.

"Does Starbucks count? Just kidding, Greek yogurt with hemp seeds and chia seeds mixed in is my healthy go to." - Katharine

"This is a tough one for me because I am not very good at cooking. Maybe a little over 5 minutes but omelettes are usually my go to when I'm short on time. Mushrooms, spinach, red pepper, feta and salsa. And Crispy Minis to snack on while I'm cooking. Perfect combo." -Charlotte

"My go to 5 min meal post workout is a banana and chocolate milk or tuna salad and crackers with carrots on the side." - Erika

"Oatmeal is always my go to quick meal. You can top it with nuts, dried fruit or fresh chopped apple and it is sure to fill the stomach. There are so many places that you can buy oatmeal on the go too, and I just make sure they don’t mix in any sugar for me so I can add as much or as little as I want." - Kristin G

"Salsa and ANYTHING: Avocado, kale chips, peppers! I also love apples and peanut butter - I could probably eat that for every meal, everyday (and you think I'm kidding...) - Katarina

"I love to snack on an apple dipped in peanut butter or Greek yogurt. YUM!" - Jamie "Cereal and milk with an apple." - Kyra

"Easy fast meal after a workout or teaching.  2 fried eggs with a side of sliced tomato and avocado, with a little bit of feta and green onion on top." - Megan 

"Usually a banana with maybe some almonds on the side." - Erin  "Hard-boiled eggs, salsa, crackers, and an After Glow." - Lindsey

"My go to post barre snack is hot chocolate and sliced apple with Adams peanut butter. I am always cold after exercising and hot chocolate warms me up. When I am not in the mood for PB, I switch it up with banana and Nutella." - Mary Jo

"Hmm to be honest, if I've run out of dark chocolate and bananas, I've often got a packet of chips stashed away in my cupboard, quick easy and delicious!" - Kirsten 

What is your go-to post barre snack? Share with us on facebook, twitter or insta!

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